CCS vehicle inlets for AC/DC charging of electric vehicles(EU/US)

The universal CCS vehicle inlets with only one pin connector pattern enable fast DC and conventional AC charging.

AC slow charger

ype 1 AC charging cable ? C-Line for conventional charging(US/EU)

The requirements of the automotive industry have been met with this vehicle connector.

DC fast charger

Type 2 CCS-DC charging cable for fast charging(EU)

The Combined Charging System (CCS) type 2 is the ideal charging interface for everyday charging situations in Europe.

Automotive camera

Provides dual save technology which allows?to record and save all recording types?simultaneously without any missing?incidents. 3.5″ TFT LCD and voice feature?informs driving and device operation status.?Features like ADAS (driving assistant system),?format free, battery discharge are provided?for convenience of the users.

Nightingale Security provides Robotic Aerial Security TM for corporations.

Our comprehensive service consists of drones, base stations, and powerful mission control software?working together

to provide autonomous, 24×7 physical security using real-time aerial surveillance cameras and data gathering sensors.

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